by Liero Plantir

After looking back on the year, it was actually alright. It was busy but I feel that’s never going to change. This blog just seems to carry on regardless. A lot to be in love with.

Nothing much on the blog front this year, though I did enjoy my chat with Axel and writing this essay.
An Introduction To
Pablo’s Eye

An interview with Axel Libeert of Pablo’s Eye.

Fourth World Theory

Modern states, climate change, indigenous nations and the Fourth World.


Very much in the mindset of listening to the same song on repeat 24/7, however I managed to break out of it to listen to my fave albums…

hardrive heat seeking
Double Virgo

Best to say less because what would be the point. Obsessed.


This album keeps following me, I actually can’t escape. More in love than you can ever know.

Tracey Denim
bar italia

Defined my year, dunno why I couldn’t stop listening.

Our Hearts
Bianca Scout & Elena Isolini

🦋 An expression of healing through a retrospective lens. The endurance of this frame is not the picture 🦋


It’s mostly been a year of fiction and poetry which has been nice and probably will carry on into the foreseeable. I’m not really sure what to think looking back on the books I’ve read. There isn’t too much intentionality to what I read, mostly just stuff I buy in-person, but that will probably change.

I’ve read the first two books of Le Guin’s ‘Annals of the Western Shore’ trilogy, and although I’ve not done a review yet I’d probably put the second book, Voices, up there with one of the best I’ve read this year.

One theme I really love is something personal and intimate which I feel holds true for all mediums. Schuré and O’Hara seem to do this so effortlessly across their prose and poetry and were my favourite reads of the year.

There’s also an element of their work where it seems to be produced just for the sake of it or from some innate desire which I really like and resonate with.


After looking back at the radio episodes from the year I thought I didn’t like any of them, but turns out I do. These are some of my favourites.
A constant lapse in translation...

Constantly in the void at the moment, may as well be staring at a wall.

Me siento exactamente igual...

Ambiguous ballads and soothing sounds.

Must’ve given me a sign that I can’t read

Just a sound and feeling that have been my whole year. Hard to escape.


The Graves at Charleroi
Rainy Miller & Space Afrika

Another year, another Rainy Miller video.

Emprisoning Sounds on a Piece of Wax

S/o to belmont girl always.

Last Year
Ngahere Wafer



Love it, love them.

I’ll close out with my favourite track this year which was Rose from Mica Levi’s ‘Blue Alibi’, which is probably representative of my headspace as I hold my head and stare at a wall.

See you in the future,
Liero 🎭