Arthur C. Clarke

3001: The Final Odyssey

The final book in the Space Odyssey series essentially closes off with answers about the creators of the monolith, sort of. It attempts to wrap everything up revealing the monoliths are made by some hyperintelligent immortal species who exist in space and time. Meanwhile, humans are relatively advanced with a range of quirky tech. The main issue is that apparently this hyperintelligent species is at risk of destroying the human species, so they attempt to hack a monolith.

Despite the story sounding not that fascinating I quite enjoyed this last book. Maybe I was just glad to get the series over rather than actually enjoying the story however it did nicely bring everything to a close. It still left a few key questions unanswered which gave it a nice cliff hanger.

I wouldn’t recommend this one as I’m not sure how it stands as its own single entity. As I’ve said on the other reviews of this series the story is prolonged for far too long. But if you really want to read it does contain most classic sci-fi themes, so you’ll probably enjoy the books in that respect.