A Miscellany for the Quiet Hours

The Humble Bee

This is a really beautiful album from The Humble Bee, the alias of artist Craig Tattersall. It was originally released in 2009 on Tattersall’s discontinued label Cotton Goods, but has since been re-released at the end of May on Astral Industries.

The whole album is elegantly constructed of tape loops, with each track feeling as though you’re gracefully floating through space. It’s like a lullaby carrying you into a deep sleep as the melodies sweep you away into a relaxing, weightless dream. Your body sort of melts away as you reminisce on times that once were. It’s subtle and nostalgic, and the introspective nature makes you feel as though you’re sitting alone in a countryside cottage by the fire with no cares in the world.

The Miscellany for the Quiet Hours is unbelievably beautiful and if you need something to heal your soul, this is it.