Virginia Woolf

A Room of One’s Own

This is an extended essay by Woolf and is arguing for space for women within literature. It is presented as a sort of stream of consciousness in which it feels like you’re following her mind as she ponders and argues these points.

I’d been interested in reading some of Virginia Woolf’s work for a while so I picked this up because it was short and thought it would give me a good introduction.

The book is fascinating from a historical perspective and gives an insight into the way life was then, highlighting gender roles and social expectations of women as destructive to women’s progression in the literary space. She emphasises the key issue for women being lack of opportunity. I enjoyed the way she articulated her points through this first-person viewpoint and anecdotally illustrating the ideas through her own experience. She covers such a broad issues directly and indirectly and articulates it very well.

I’d recommend this highly; I really enjoy this stream of consciousness dynamic and the book is insightful into the thinking of Woolf on an accessible level. I’ll probably read ‘To The Lighthouse’ as I’m quite intrigued to read her novels now.