A mountain is an idea

Pablo’s Eye

A mountain is an idea is the latest record from Pablo’s Eye and was released in March 2022 on The Florist’s Mum.

The vocals really shine across this album as the voice guides the sound, almost like prompts for the instrumentation. They latch on by a thread flowing in a soft wind. It feels very immersive and a bit darker than previous releases as if you’re consumed by something, though you’re not sure what.

It feels intimidating at times as you sink into a valley of sound, you look up and there is no end. The walls heighten and a landscape opens up around you. You may be in the desert, you may be in the country, it’s hard to tell, it may just be a mirage shimmering across your iris.

The riffs embody a blanket of safety with a warmth that flutters on the edge of your mind. Real or not, it is within your own experience and it is that which you must hold sacred.

Drawing the curtains,
as what I’m searching for is not here.
Permanence, persistence?
Dissociated from the body which it belongs,
it must be the final silence of liberation.