Joseph Shabason 

This is Shabason’s second album released back in 2018. The album is a ‘tonal essay on degenerative illness’. It’s named after his mother and encompasses her struggle with Parkinson’s disease. It’s woven with interviews of her throughout which make it beautiful and introspective. Listening to the album with the background in mind it serves as a delicate exploration through sound and emotion. 

It encompasses a range of different sounds and textures from melancholic jazz to peaceful ambience. It feels very nostalgic and because of that there’s elements of joy to sadness to contemplation. There’s a certain dissonance in some of the tracks such as ‘Deep Dark Divide’ which sort of carry you across these emotions. 

This is such a beautiful album with gorgeous artwork. It takes you on a journey, examining notions of the self, identity and mortality. I would highly recommend you take a listen, it’s perfect to calm you down from that Sunday afternoon existential crisis.