Baron Libre


This is one of my favourite EPs ever. This is Arca’s debut EP released back in 2012 on UNO. It’s probably my favourite  Arca release although I’ve not gone that deep into her discography. An absolute masterpiece.

The opening track, Covenant, is one of the best opening tracks ever and from the first minute you know this whole EP is going to blow your mind. It’s combination of samples, hip-hop and electronic elements are just otherworldly, transporting you to somewhere spiritual and transcendent.

Spira is just something else entirely as if your soul is being pulled out of your body as it becomes expansive and limitless. There’s something haunting about it but at the same time it’s so beautiful. It guides you out of your sense of self and into something I can’t describe.

There’s no words for how much I love this EP, all I can ask is that you take a listen.