Bavarian Stallion Remix Series 2

RFR Records

The Bavarian Stallion series are a compilation series released on RFR Records out of Munich. I discovered this particular one from O-Wells EOS set, which is unbelievably good if you haven’t listened I couldn’t recommend anything more, my favourite mix of the month by far. 

He played the B1 track Namechanger (O-Wells C++ Ösen Mix) by Vince and Orson Wells. This is honestly such an insane track and might be my track of the month. It’s hypnotic and addictive, definitely have a listen. The rest of the tracks on this compilation are also incredible. Some of my other favourites are M4L-UV and People under the age (Rydim Rmx). I’d also recommend checking out some more of the Bavarian Stallion series as there’s probably a lot of gems to be found.