Beautiful Vision Outtakes

Van Morrison

This album is the outtakes from Van Morrison’s Beautiful Vision and it is honestly so much better than the actual album.

These recordings are demos from the 1981 album session from The Record Plant in California. A CD was released, but I think this was only available in Japan.

It is such a special album that I’m sure you will love. It feels like the best part of a Sunday, or the sun setting on your favourite summer’s day, or seeing your favourite person for the first time again, or being in a warm bed on a winter night, or just watching the day go by with a gentle satisfaction. I’m sure you get the idea.

They are much more stripped down versions of the tracks on the original record but I feel that they have so much more to them. Many of them feel completely different and the Celtic Ray outtake version is so good compared to the original. These are songs that will keep you warm this winter, especially for me given that I’ve got no heating!

I feel like I could listen to this album forever, it is just a really nice hug. My comfort album of the winter.

If anyone has this CD in the UK and is willing to sell, please do let me know.