Milton Friedman

Capitalism and Freedom

This book discusses ‘economic capitalism in a liberal society’. Friedman basically advocates for a free market and the benefits of this both practically and philosophically. I can’t really remember much from this book as it was a while ago when I read it, so when I talk about content, I’m most likely just copying from Wikipedia. Friedman discusses a lot of topics in the economic domain such as government, trade, fiscal policy and education to name a few.

Personally, this book is one of the most boring books I have ever read. I think maybe it was because I had never studied economics before, and it was the first book I ever read specifically on economics. I’m also not sure whether it was dense, but a lot had gone over my head at the time of reading. There were definitely parts I found interesting or agreed with, but they weren’t ideas that really stuck with me. I think if I read it today I would be more receptive to the ideas and maybe understand them more from a broader perspective. However, saying that I can’t see myself re-reading this.