Crime of Passion


Crime of Passion is the latest album on Primordial Void released mid-June 2022. It’s like a soundtrack to a hazy dream that feels like your actual life if you let it.

The elements of country, folk, rock, blues, psychedelia and everything in between layer on top of each other making each one invisible yet vibrant. The vocals on each track meld into the backdrop as if they’re part of the walls that were always there.

It’s hypnotic in a way as if you’re in a motel in the desert sitting on a bed and the only thing in the room is an old broken radio that continues to play. The instruments mesh together in a way you’ve never really heard before and you aren’t sure whether it's because the radio is half broken or it’s meant to be like that. You know however, that it feels just right.

The tracks range from being rough and lush with each one letting a different element shine throughout. Though harsh at times there’s no place you’d rather be.