An Elysia Crampton alias Chuquimamani-Condori or versa-vice presents DJ E as something you can’t really imagine until you’re faced with it.

Perfect sense, because you made it that way and then and then and then. Gōzō commits his body to the place itself. He is physically there like an antenna scanning for place-memory and sensitive as well to his own influence and interaction…To commit your body to a place is to begin inhabiting the world. Gōzō's radical gambit is to offer himself to a landscape in complete openness and without any preconceived goal. His body becomes a listening.

Llegar de a poco, asking
¿why is it the spirit siempre
se demora más? Though this

Y nunca te equivocaste,
más que una vez, una noche
que te encaprichó una sombra
— la única que te ha gustado —.
Una sombra parecía.
Y la quisiste abrazar.
Y era yo.