This is a record I picked up a few weeks ago from Eastern Bloc, which was released back in 2013 on Honest Jon’s Records.

The opening track, Dismantle, is his live score of the 1932 horror film Vampyr. Although I’ve never seen the film you can feel the eeriness and tension built up throughout the track almost as if you have to constantly look behind your shoulder as it progresses.

It’s an interesting record which is probably not to everyone’s taste. It’s noisy and rough with fairly long tracks that could probably be called techno, but I feel as though it’s much more than that. At times it can be jarring to listen to with sounds that pulsate through your skull. There are no melodies, it's just pure grit.

It’s sort of like you’re being abducted by an alien spaceship as it engulfs your mind. You’re beamed up into their ship whilst your body is pulled apart as if all the atoms in your body are pulsating violently.

The final three tracks are sections titled ‘Music For Vampyr’, called Arrival, Shadow and Finale. Without having watched the film you can already feel it inside of you. The hammering percussion combined with coarse drone sounds make you feel uneasy, yet an echoing soft organ guides you out from the darkness. The Finale has loud beeps and boops that dominate the track as if your brain were a machine that was madly malfunctioning. The ending then brings in a hazy organ softening the exit from the delirious journey you’ve been put through.

I’d recommend this if you want to feel something unpredictable and restless. It’s not the easiest listen in the world but it does transport you to a place you’ve probably never been before, well I hope not anyway.