Disruptions of Form


This was my first time listening to a full Echium album. I’d previously heard some tracks here and there, one of my favourites being ‘Compulsions Of Reality’ off Colliding Winds

Disruptions of Form was released last March on sferic which is Echium’s second release on the label. If you know anything about the sferic or have heard other releases on the label then you can probably guess the vibe of this album. It’s a blissful journey through experimental ambient soundscapes. There’s such a wide exploration of sound across each track described as ‘imaginary spaces that smudge the listener’s perceptions of artificial and organic texture, tone and spatial dynamics’. Some of my favourite tracks are ‘Yellow-flowered’ and ‘Multiple Frameworks’.

I would highly recommend you take a listen it’s incredibly meditative and also have a read of the Bandcamp description for more info. Also, if you’re a fan then definitely have a listen to the other albums released on sferic, you won’t be disappointed.