Electric Hush

Heights of Abraham

Originally released in 1995 Electric Hush is a masterpiece in all things ambient, downtempo and trip-hop. This is my favourite album of theirs and is nothing short of a classic.

The opening track, ‘The Cleric’, sets the tone and right from the beginning you know it’s going to be an incredible album. It’s lush, dreamy tones take you to a land of wonder and relaxation. It’s an album that can get you excited for anything as it sounds like what the start of summer feels like. You can almost feel those first rays of sun on your skin as the sky is as blue as it’s ever been. The plants glimmer in the sunlight and in that moment everything feels so perfect, as if it can never be tarnished.

If you want something to ease any stress or worries you have, this is the album. You really can’t fault it.