Endless Bliss Weekender

Hysterical Love Project

Hysterical Love Project is the joint project of Brooklyn Mellar and Ike Zwanikken, and Endless Bliss Weekender is a beautiful summer soundtrack that was self-released at the beginning of February 2021.

Lush tones override the whole album sweeping you away softly. Exploring your own mind as the sun gently kisses your skin. Feeling connected to something is what you want but you know you can’t have it all at the same time. The vocals echo around your mind shielding you from anything trying to get in. Mysticism is not to try to know, it is to live and not think about it. It’s always the distance that keeps us close.

Enveloped in safety,
But to flow down it,
Tranquil, serene,
And our eyes be,
set in flowers
Thoughtlessly wise.

Stay cool and have a nice summer.