YS & Alex Bienstock

This is the first release on ERF Records which came out at the end of 2021 and is by far my favourite 7” I own. I’m so in love with both tracks (and the video for Apples).

It’s difficult to describe how beautiful and ethereal each of the tracks are. They feel like an exploration of the infinite, as if each of the words could carry on forever, as if a tape had a never ending loop. It’s poetic in a way that needs no comprehension. You could understand it perfectly but at the same time you’d never understand it.

It pulsates from a place of mystery, love, longing, searching and everything in between. It feels as though it explores something that flutters between existence. Real enough to feel, though not enough to grasp.

As a post artist - forget about ‘pedigree, money, laborious ambition, or skill - the only things that matter are ideas, attitude, seduction, compulsive will and unfettered energy’

From Bandcamp:
A syndicate of sound & stream-of-consciousness spoken word deliveries caught in the flow-state, probing and riding the sensor ’Poetic logic in chaos’ A seepage of information, jumbled buzz words, thoughts & statements, humor & doom. Processings from the overload, floating in the concentrated sonic space of elucidated pathos. A vivid monologue in fleet, where nothing lands on concrete. It doesn’t matter what it 'means', as long as we can get between things.