Gestures of Perception


Gestures of Perception is the latest album on Marionette, set to be released on 19th April. It’s the first double album from Khôra, the alias of Matthew Ramolo, that also contains a supporting artbook of poetic mythography.

What feels real is something to be explored. Where there is something more, it is hard not to follow. One step can resonate further than you can ever imagine. A ticking, a strangeland. Familiarity slowly drawn further away. Discomfort dancing on the edge of relief. Grasping to a lack of physicality, a door of perception.

A loosening tie dangling forward. Knots releasing at one end. Side to side for which comfort must subside. Pulsating outwards, backwards. The mirror showed, merely, a glaze of feelings, not all of them shameful or shameless: he had never found a mirror, or words in the mind, to reflect the power or pain of his obsession.

Intricacy, the type in earnest. An inner world lacking comprehension. Recognition is the first step to reassurance. An eye revealed from hidden hands. The safety of being watched, though no thought of alternatives. How can you be trapped in such an expanse?

As here we find in trances, men
Forget the dream that happens then,
Until they fall in trance again.