Michael Maloney

Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver

This book covers the history of money and Maloney describes the current financial system. As you can guess by the title, he’s a big advocate for precious metals and makes his case for them in the book. As you may expect Maloney does have a service where he buys and sells precious metals so you could argue this is just one big advertisement for his business and I’ve fallen for the bait. However, there’s definitely a lot more in this book than just making the case for gold and silver.

I bought this book after watching Maloney’s ‘Hidden Secrets of Money’ series which was quite insightful, and I would recommend you have a watch if you’re interested in the history of money and how it got to the place it’s in today.

In buying the book I was hoping to learn more about the history of money as I’m not really interested in investing in gold or silver and doubt it’s something I will ever invest in. However, from what I remember, the book doesn’t really cover much more about the history of money than is in the series. Therefore, if you’re only interested in that side I wouldn’t recommend you buy the book, however if you’re interested in the investing side then I’d say pick it up, I’m sure there’s something in there which you would find insightful.