How Numbers Work

This book is another NewScientist book that I read whilst I had no money, the other being This Book Will Blow Your Mind. The title probably gives it away, but this book is all about maths. It covers a lot from fundamental concepts such as zero, infinity and prime numbers and then goes into great maths conjectures. It also touches on maths in everyday life as well as number theory and statistics.

I really enjoyed this book; I’ve always liked maths and this book is so well written and makes me want to read more about maths. I learnt a lot as it introduced me to new things and built on previous knowledge. I quite liked the section on complex numbers, and it introduced me to different problems such as the P=NP conjecture which is relevant and fascinating.

I’d recommend the book to everyone, it’s so accessible and even if you don’t like maths most of it is somewhat understandable. It covers interesting topics such as why democracy is so unfair, which is interesting to look at from a mathematical perspective. This is something David Deutsch also talks about this in The Beginning of Infinity. The book covers so much, so I’m sure there’s something you’ll enjoy.