ITSAME is the latest release by Brainwaltzera on none other than FILM Records. It really feels like Brainwaltzera never disappoints because I am so in love with this album.

This record feels so personal and the deeper you go the more it pierces your soul, almost as if you’ve stumbled on something you were never meant to find. It wanders across places you’ve only ever been to in a previous life, opening up spaces inside of you that you didn’t even know existed.

It makes you long for that life you had despite how disfigured it became. Every track is immaculate and they all feel like masterpieces in their own right. There’s so much emotion in each of them that it’s hard to explain. They’re like corners of the same universe, so far apart yet held together by the same eternal sky.

It doesn’t make sense how good this album is, my head is not on my shoulders anymore!

Nina Kehagia did a really good interview with the man himself on her Devil’s Dancers show which I’d highly recommend if you want to learn more about the album.