In Another World

Ruby of Thanks

In Another World is the first release of 2024 for Primordial Void, which is a reissue from 2020. Easing you into the year it’s gentle and reflective, at a pace that is ideal for January.

A strange month, a strange year but those feelings are never to dwell on. I don’t know how hard you want to think about it but commonness is a hearthstone.

Shortly after they arrived we retreated to the living room and the pressure of conversation lifted. On the news was a film of a cloud, a cloud we had seen that afternoon. The cloud didn’t move at all: it was framed by a blue sky and it was held in place by still air, balancing for a moment. The cloud stayed dead centre of the window, the focus of the video, the shot steady and still. A vague destination.

The day had been very warm, and the evening was mild. Instead of sitting in the room after dinner, we went out to the small outer courtyard that opens from it. Sheltered by the house walls on two sides and marked off on the other two by slender columned arcades. The hill to the east rises immediately behind the house, and the scent of flowering shrubs was in the air. We sat looking north to the open evening sky faintly tinged with green.

An album for endings, beginnings and everything in between. They’re not so far from themselves anyway.