In the Rheidol Valley

Michael Tanner & Sharron Kraus

In the Rheidol Vally is a beautiful eight-track album released back in 2011 on Morc Records. It was recorded in the Rheidol Valley in Wales during a long walk.

It’s composed of a range of folk-like elements, almost as if you were walking through the valley in the 15th century wandering with no particular sense of purpose. It’s somewhat hypnotic with oscillating elements that obscure the surroundings.

It’s difficult not to become entranced by every note as it starts to creep through the crevices of your mind. You can’t really detach from it once you’ve entered so the valley continues to guide you nonetheless.

The combination of the field recordings and the improvisations are so immersive, almost as if you can feel the ground beneath you. A place to get lost in.