Inscape Routes

Best Available Technology

Inscape Routes is an amalgamation of long coastal drives from Kevin Palmer’s aka Best Available Technology’s collection of cassette tapes. It was released at the end of August 2021 on The Florist’s Mum.

It’s a wonderful little journey of ambient, experimental dub. It’s laid back and opens its arms to you through its subtle textures and frequencies. It holds a sense of mystery however, as you’re not really sure where you’re going but you follow the road anyway.

Your misdirection is comforting rather than alarming and you let the wind guide you towards the drifting horizon. The surroundings are somewhat strange but nothing stands out in particular as the landscape merges into one.

‘A high moon beaming through the windshield as a reverberating guitar plucking, structured rhythms of the highway’s rumble strips, a red light, and an indicator signalling left all take place within the tonal monastery of this metal box at 60 mph.’