Irish Words and a Bottle of Myrrh

Marcel Sletten

Irish Words and a Bottle of Myrrh is the latest release on Primordial Void by the label boss Marcel Sletten. It is set to be released on the February 25th.

It was recorded over the course of two years and expands into new territory from his previous works. Metallic drones overlay many of the tracks creating a sort of duality between being gentle and gritty.

Each track moves through itself opening into something new yet familiar. There’s a hopeful melancholy which is carried with you as you listen. You turn back to something you used to know as if it’s a tangible thing that won’t let go. It feels hazy at times as if you’re trying so hard to see through the fog but it just won’t subside.

Though it can be harsh at times, there are openings that quiver against its intensity. It is true to where you are.

Frozen in time
Over cliffs, spurs and gullies
Black birds, black beaks striking the dirt
Sorrow and sullen
The silence so longed for the echo of sound.