It’s a Big Man Ting

Florence Sinclair

Its a Big Man Ting is the second produced album by Florence Sinclair and I love it so much.

Every track and verse is so good. There’s so many different influences and it feels exploratory, as if you’re following an internal monologue over a number of years. There’s growth, there’s change, there’s everything which is all you’ve ever known, a quiet confidence.

No certainty at all, am I more certain or less certain? And to the sensation that all is a dream, as a thing real inside.

No one does it like Florence Sinclair!

‘A compilation of songs and samples that tell a story of a young black british boy and his journey from life on the road side to reaching a growth with his inner self and feelings. From a surface level desire, to a selfless reflection and awakening of how he sees the world around him.’