Mango & Patricia

Marino & Same O

This is an unbelievably good EP from Marino and Same O. It’s a very hype project and there’s a lot to love. It was released by 44 Tours Records out of Nantes, France. 44 Tours is the record shop in which Marino and Same O met so they are to thank for the creation of this EP. Have a read of the story of Mango & Patricia and I’ll leave some descriptions of the tracks:

A1: As Patricia began to sing and turn those knobs all around, some wild ghetto-ish breaks appeared, served with powerfull neck-breaking moves, damn those pork leg Tacos were good!
A2: Roaring sub and liquid jungly-breaks, UK inspiration fo shizzle, wow finally, it bangs! What a duo innit?!
B1: Mango & Patricia are in total symbiosis. Flipping into something more 90's electro and retro sound now, adding just a touch of amen break over it.
B2: Exploring their dark side together on a bassy-snaky and quite introspective ballad to finish. They are definitely at their best, and this my friends, is the power of love.

I mean after reading that how can you not want to listen to this project.