Mind’s Eye

Can’t Read

Mind’s Eye is an eight-track album released on Primordial Void at the end of September 2022.

The whole album is embodied by a warmth that holds you as if this was the album you couldn’t stop listening to as a teen. Coming to you in your time of need you find it in a box in your parent’s basement, bringing you the same joy as the first time you listened.

Those years feel so real, a memory resuscitated. Every sound feels so familiar. The vocals are dreamy, the riffs are smooth and sharp. You could be anywhere, but whilst listening to this you’ll always be at home. Golden hour can last forever, you’ve just got to allow the desire to subside. 

Though the world can be harsh at times, this is the kind of music that gets you through, the music that always keeps your best interests at heart.

A place that will always exist for you, if you just wish.