Music For Airpods

Mathis Ruffing

I discovered this record from a Wonja mix, I think she played Vibroblade which is a phat track. Music For Airpods is a four-track EP released in August 2020 on Infinite Drift. As you might have guessed it’s a sort of expansion of the concept explored by Brian Eno on Music For Airports. Ruffing explains in the Bandcamp description:

Airpods are defined as a mood, or an inherent influence: a tint. My intention is to produce original pieces ostensibly (but not exclusively) for these particular headphones with a view to building up a small but versatile catalogue of music suited to a wide variety of moods and atmospheres.

It’s such a good set of tracks traversing across so many different styles. It’s experimental yet resonant and also feels very in tune with other releases on the label. So you’ll definitely enjoy it if you’re into previous releases. It’s hard to describe but I’ll leave the rest of the Bandcamp description which will give you a more succinct explanation of this release.

Whereas the extant music labels proceed from the basis of regularizing environments and headphones by blanketing their acoustic and atmospheric idiosyncrasies, Music for Airpods is intended to enhance these. Whereas conventional music is designed to strip away all sense of doubt and uncertainty (and thus all genuine interest), Airpod Music retains these qualities. And whereas their intention is to ‘brighten’ the sound by adding stimulus to it (thus supposedly alleviating the tedium of routine tasks and levelling out the natural ups and downs of the body rhythms) Airpod Music is intended to induce calm, a space to think and Euphoria at the same damn time.