Nick Knight


I love this book, and not just because it’s covered in purple velvet. His work is quite expansive so there’s a lot to enjoy. He’s obviously quite a heavyweight in his creative domains and this is his first book covering 15 years across fashion, advertising and portrait photography.

The book is beautifully presented which I guess is part of the allure. Does anyone actually read artbooks or are just there to signal that you’re into arty stuff? I mean they’re definitely nice to own and have around. I also think it’s a bit cynical to think that way despite it being true in some respect. There’s obviously a lot of work that went into producing all this photography and it’s insightful to see and is quite inspiring. Knight isn’t prolific for no reason and it shows throughout this book, from his advertising to his work for Yohji Yamamoto.

I’d definitely recommend this book, however if you can’t get it for a good price, I’m sure you can access Knight’s work in some other places. I’m in love with his ‘Roses from my Garden’ series and you should also browse some of his other work, they’ll definitely be something of interest.