Perlée de sève

Roxane Métayer

Perlée de sève is the latest album by Roxane Métayer and is set to be released by Marionette on February 15th 2023.

It is a spellbinding record that seems to slowly creep up on you, like a spirit charting the edges of your spine. Moving through it casts a different direction than previous work, taking you to a place that feels more enchanting. The instruments are guided to places they rarely see. Enshrouded in mystery, tension builds and evaporates. An angel and a sphinx, a beam of sunlight in the deep forest.

The world is one of fascination and seduction, melodies renew and strings enhance every step inwards with ease. It is a mirror image of yourself, distorting the figments of your imagination. A medieval trance swirls, with sounds coming from creatures you’ve never come across before.

It is familiar, though the intimacy can only be traced back to your dreams. A faint remembrance is overwhelmed by the environment awakening. The trees unfurl, the earth yawns.

A oracle of historical neglect,
what it seems is not that is lost.
The crest of a wave and a realm of humanity,
In possession of spiritual longing,
a confusion that must fray.

This is one of my favourite albums of Roxane’s I’ve had the pleasure of listening to, I feel like I’m in an Édouard Schuré novel! 🌿