Edward Snowden

Permanent Record

This is Edward Snowden’s autobiography in which he tells his story thus far from his perspective.

Prior to this I hadn’t full read about Snowden’s story, so I was intrigued to really understand his decisions and what had led up to him doing what he did. I’m also quite interested in privacy in the modern world and ways in which it’s being degraded by the digitisation of everything. Snowden seems like the perfect person to read about to try and get to grips with how privacy is being eroded.

This was one of the best autobiographies I’ve read, although I haven’t read that many of them. His tenures at the CIA and NSA are fascinating and his views on authoritarianism, democracy and privacy help you to understand him better. He’s quite the enigma and this book gives a comprehensive story of what he’s seen and experienced. It made me a lot more aware of the way your privacy is being compromised for transparency and that mass surveillance in the western world is very much a reality.

I’d definitely recommend it if you’ve not properly read about Snowden’s story, it’s eye opening and just an enjoyable read. The documentary Citizenfour is also really good.