Pomona Island EP

DJ Absolutely Shit

Obsessed with this EP released on Red Laser Records, the MANCTALO originators!

It’s nostalgic, timeless and just full of dancefloor bombs. If you aren’t into this then I really don’t know what to say to you. It sends waves through my body!!

Salford '92: a rave devotee with a penchant for Air Max cops an MPC60 off the back of a lorry & a cheeky lend of a Korg MS-20 from a local sputnik huffer, feverishly setting to work with a battered pile of hardcore breaks and mad love for the dancefloor. A bunch of explosive warehouse cuts are rapidly thrown down before he switches off his machines and heads off down Bowlers for the usual weekend pleasantries. Returning many days later and trounced off a wild combo of mitsis and brown acid, DJ AB is devastated to learn that a crew of lads from Hyde have ransacked his bedsit scrounging for his last teenth of draw - leaving the recently recorded DAT nowhere to be seen.

Thought to be lost this whole time, Red Laser CEO, Il Bosco (and distant Absolutely Shit family cuz) was 'unbelievably buzzing' and ‘jizzing in my pants’ upon happening across the item at one of his frequent car boot forays prompting a huge celebration down here at RLR HQ when we realized we'd finally be able to let the public in on this subversive aural gold from one of the scene's most elusive heads.