Skee Mask

There’s been so many good releases this month but none I’ve been more excited to see than a new Skee Mask album. Compro was my favourite album of the last decade and it’s difficult to think of an album that’s on that level, I’m still in awe every time I listen to it. Pool was released on none other than Ilian Tape and packed with 18 tracks which is an absolute blessing.

This LP is absolutely mind-bending and is such a sick evolution of his sound. There is so much to love about this album and it just gets better each time I listen to it, incorporating so many different influences and sounds that it’s hard to comprehend. I feel like words would only diminish its value.

In order to fully appreciate it I need to give it some time because there’s new aspects of it that I discover on each listen and it’s been released for less than a week. In different settings different tracks stand out and I can’t wait to see what I think of it in a few months time. He’s a once in a generation artist who’s sound feels like no other and has carved himself a lane in which nobody comes close. It’s a universal sound that literally anybody can appreciate the genius of his work.

I love this album so much and you should too. Apparently it won’t be released on streaming services so go and cop.