Psyops for Dummies + Purge

DJ Stingray

A nice selection of Detroit electro from the big man. This was released on Lorenzo Senni’s label Presto!? back in 2017 and is sort of a signature sound from Stingray. I guess he’s sort of known more for his Urban Tribe than under the Stingray moniker but it’s all good stuff. Also, I’ll link some of his sets that I’ve enjoyed, here and here. I’ll also leave the Bandcamp description for more information.

Sherard Ingram - DJ STINGRAY - has been an active member in Detroit's electronic music community for nearly 25 years now. Never shy of a collaboration, Ingram spent much of the '90s teaming up with Carl Craig, Anthony 'Shake' Shakir and Kenny Dixon Jr. to create a rich downtempo sound as Urban Tribe, which culminated in the release of 1998's much-lauded The Collapse of Modern Culture album. He was then recruited to be the tour DJ for Drexciya in their final days, taking to the decks as DJ Stingray and masking his face from the audience, something he continues to do for all of his DJ appearances.