Rich textures and immersive worlds, Räumlichkeit is MinaeMinae’s return to Marionette, released towards the end of May 2023.

It feels like a foray into a sort of undefinable space. Each step opens you up to something different, as if your field of view is constricted to a metre in front of you. Every branch you climb on the tree a dozen more appear. Uncharted only to the extent you want it to be.

Feeling unsettled is never really a change, but there’s something in the air which suggests otherwise. If you wanted it to leave you would’ve opened the door a long time ago.

Head strong yet tension persists, inwards and outwards, back and forth. Open ripples wrung from the collision with the walls. Reflecting into the same spaces you always have. Familiar, but different, aspersion from side to side. A dropped container, a wounded surface. To actually parallel a runway or something concentric remains a difficult task, yet it is happening before my eyes.

Crafted intolerance that opens into a space that is backwards to itself. Untranslatable to the embers of a setting sun.