Reality Beat

DJ Paradise & Zoe Darsee

This isn’t an album, rather just one track, however I love it so much it had to join the shelf, it’s the best song ever!

Whirling and passing,
Even the life I disrecall, then they are, merely newer.
though the mild and high clouds are moving
I want - unknown, and calm
Because unknown, and my own
Because calm - to fill my days
With wanting no more than them.
Be whole in each thing. Put all that you are into the least you do.
like that on each place the whole moon,
their sun, for one who hopes that night comes around.

words by zoe darsee:

ecstasy hurricane
cheers hurricane
across the network
negative feedback still
nonetheless creates a sound so
look to it
look on it

i never expected to make it this far
now i can see who they are
i used to ride the train there
every thursday

i like drama
drama drives me at times
without drama whats the fun in life?

i’m on the shore listening to music
at any time participants may be filmed
at any degree of consciousness
unfocused rain drifting near the screen
hurricane ecstasy
blueprint of a stage
time doesn’t exist

how are we going to top last season?
what do you think will happen after this is all over?
i’m so thankful for the journey that got me here
i love this song
its not about wether you are going to die or not
theres drama and then theres ugly
i wanna go home

where are you?
and who do you want to be?
someone is screaming your name
i want an authentic unfiltered experience
what do you hope the message will be?
i say what i think

we see ourselves in you baby
you’re the next generation
you have holes in every part of the body that you want
what part of you is the deepest?

make sure you’re looking at the camera
a microphone floats
door slams or shuts itself
bird sounds
bird sounds in the trees