Redefines is the debut album from BFTT released at the beginning of May 2022 on TT. A glimmering record dosed in a spectrum of frequencies.

Particles pulsate sometimes violently, sometimes softly off a box with invisible edges. Each reaction is unpredictable and unique as they hit the textures that echo off the walls. You aren’t really sure what’s going on but at least it sounds good.

The tracks are indoctrinating as it pulls and pushes against the corners of your brain, shining with a warm glow. It takes you to a completely different world making sure you soak in every aspect of it. Instead of bringing you back to Earth the ambience on tracks like Suchblush and Apple TV make sure you float even higher, leaving you in a place you wish you could stay for just a little bit longer.

One of the best producers out there. So good!!