Rick Owens

Rick Owens Furniture

I really like a lot of Rick Owens work. Despite some of it not really being my thing he has really developed a unique style which can easily be identified. This speaks not only for his clothes but also his furniture. There’s a lot which connects the Rick Owens aesthetic between these two domains and this book is a nice overview of his showcase furniture work.

As you can probably tell there’s definitely an overarching theme of brutalism within his work. A lot is done in collaboration with his wife, Michele Lamy and it is self-described as ‘grunge meets glamour’. I find the furniture to be quite bold but beautiful at the same time, there are definitely certain pieces I would love to have (not that I would be able to afford them or have a home which could do them justice). The pieces look incredible in his iconic home at the Palais Bourbon and emphasise the world he’s built for himself.

After coming across his furniture, I really wanted this book to explore it more. It shows a large range from his first furniture collection. It also gives a distinct look and insight into this home and furniture range so I would recommend to anyone who has an interest in good furniture. I very much admire the world in which Rick has been able to build for himself.