SHILOH: Lost For Words

John Glacier

I am so in love with this album, I just can’t stop listening, it’s really hitting the spot at the moment. It was released at the end of July 2021 on Vegyn’s label PLZ Make It Ruins.

John really does make incredible music. It has a sort of floating introspection to it that’s raw and calm. Each track flows through John’s mind from short remarks to self reflections with beats that are expansive yet constrained, and directly touch the soul. It’s hard to describe. I just feel this album deeply and I’ve not felt this way in a while about a record.

It’s as if you’re walking around endless streets as you reflect on your whole life from the hurt to the happiness. All those emotions are there but they don’t exist separately, rather they merge into an amalgam where you’re not really sure what it all means anymore. However, despite feeling confused it’s ultimately comforting as you come to accept where you are and who you are.