Silent Noise (The Album)


Seance of the particulars. It was not as on the map, or seen from the stagecoach; but there I found it all out of doors, huge and real …! as it cannot be represented on a map, colour it as you will; the thing itself, than which there is nothing more like it, no truer picture or account; which cannot go farther and see. I cannot remember what I thought before that it was.

from view, from the ordinary pleasure of watching yourself touch soft & feel open. In many ways you & I have been interchangeable in this yet-to-be-realised life of passion, lipsticking discrete signs of the unattainable in the attic behind the mirror, where no one can see the anxious graffiti you call obsession. The slightest scent of a subtext, and I lose my bearings.

Crossmedia beliefware.