This is the incredible debut album by Morwell which is set to be self-released on June 18th. It’s an expansive, conceptual record embodying a fictional world of sound together with free flowing and sonically expansive textures.

It’s a really cohesive album with each track spiralling off into its own avenue, but still staying connected to the central theme. There’s the classic high-tempo breakbeats signature to some of Morwell’s previous work and this accompanies a range of elements from dub, jungle, footwork and bass. It’s high energy and exploratory moving seamlessly through the different realms of a fragmented dystopia.

Souls is a very exciting release and the high tempos will no doubt get you excited for the upcoming summer months in anticipation of clubs re-opening. It also includes three big remixes which you can listen to from DJ FLP, DJ Manny and El Blanco Niño.

These tracks deserve to be listened to on a phat sound system and in the meantime I’d recommend checking out some of his other work, including his remix series which are so sick. I’ll leave the concept for the album below:

‘In the sound-world of Souls, living organisms fuse with broken circuits, duplicating mutant song fragments whose meanings can no longer be decoded. At times (There Is No Time, Biosonics), we are trapped inside a monstrous body / machine, whose heartbeat has become a soundsystem. At others (Uprising, Channels), auditory pleasure is delivered on the very edge of collapse, carried along by sounds of protest and crowd-control. Is the sound-machine waking the sedated audience to action, or just weaving the noise of approaching breakdown into one last seductive sonic fiction? In Relics and Corrupted, future intelligences probe damaged circuits, trying to rekindle human music. Throughout, dream sequences crystalise into momentarily-coherent memories of long-abandoned dancefloors.’