Spring Break

Pablo’s Eye

Spring Break is a compilation album from Pablo’s Eye that was released back in April 2018 on STROOM. It was one of three albums released on STROOM that would see the collective release music after more than 20 years. The record is compiled and based on tracks from previous releases and reassembled to place them in a new context.

Every track is piercing in its own way as it maneuvers itself through an aural body of water. The current is calm and objects float gently across its surface. It’s like the day after a heavy storm where everything is settled. It’s difficult to comprehend what just happened, but why do you need to understand?

Waking from your rituals, rhythm follows as you gather your steps. An endless horizon on every edge of your periphery, as you sit and look out over a sky of moving clouds and migrating birds. You don’t need to talk, you don’t need to think, you just know.

Dusk settles as the light merges harmoniously with the oncoming shade. With no visible curvature, there will always be a straight line across the reality of our situation.

A really beautiful selection of tracks!

A horizon is always relative.
On the verge of a disappearance,
a line reveals its depth with every step forward.
When time is no longer linear,
the line is no longer vertical or horizontal.
— Daniella Watson —