Suspended Animation

Ryan Crosson

Suspended Animation is a long-form composition released on New York label Going In at the beginning of July 2020. Spanning the course of forty minutes you’re taken on a journey through the vaults of what’s hidden in places you tend to avoid.

The clouds overtake what was once a body as you’re swept up into a world that only you can enter. Though vast it is not overwhelming, however, it is strange to be here, the mystery will never leave you alone. Each movement relays something blurry and unfamiliar, the urge to make sense of something that was once here has vanished.

Delivery and distillation, the candle’s flame flickers but is unforgotten. You have to embrace the sense of duality that continues to rest beneath you. The layers soften each place you used to inhabit, as if the tension was the only thing keeping you attached. Things will continue to change just as they always have and always will.

What a salve it was to transfigure this moment and watch the unusual side of the water. Coils and streams beguile the fog. Trembling on the skin of clay, I could call it a corner of mine.

It is wise to let this weather of feeling pass; it is on it’s way elsewhere.