TRILLTAPE is a mixtape that was released sometime in 2012 by Shayne Oliver and Arca.

It’s a definitive project which has been described as ‘the sounds that you remember after you exit the club on your way home’. The sounds are distinct but distant as if you can’t really grasp them. It melds together the bases on which most modern and underground music is built on.

The energy is erratic but free. The constraints at the edge of whatever you think it is collapse through hard drums and industrial bass. It’s defined by its coarse and gritty elements. Proclaimed skeletons run through the edits as dreams of a lost time.

Juvenile interjections
High and noble and lucid aspirations
patients with many certainties;
dropped from out the window
Described without any sentimentality.
How do you burn?

forgive i oh dear lord forgive me cause may have to sin