Tell from the grass

soccer Committee

This is a beautifully soothing release from soccer Committee, the alias of artist Mariska Baars, and is set to be released in June on Morc Records. It’s been more than a decade since her last solo release and this new mini-LP is absolutely spellbinding.

Tell from the grass feels very stripped down, comprising of only essential elements which is part of its beauty. It’s elegance induces sombre emotions but also feels rather hopeful and appreciative. Vocals echo over the slow, folk-like passages of strings and a nostalgic ambience washes over the whole record, almost as if you’re reminiscing about a past life or dream. Each track can be likened to a folk story read like a lullaby as your mind drifts off with vocals.

This is an incredible mini-LP and one you should definitely check out once it gets released in June. In the meantime you should listen to some previous soccer Committee releases which are equally as beautiful.