Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist

This book an allegorical story about a shepherd who goes on a journey in search of some treasure.

I read this book because it’s such a famous book that’s heralded by so many people that I thought that it must be worth the read or that I would find some value in it. It’s also quite short so it’s a quick read, what couldn’t I like?

Honestly this book was awful and slow. I would’ve stopped reading but it I thought the ending would be profound and make up for the lack substance in the rest of the book. I guess it’s because I don’t really believe in this idea of a ‘personal legend’ which I guess is just a metaphor for destiny. The book is just a story about a boy who makes decisions based on blind faith and pseudo-spiritual crap. I find the self-help allegory to be stupid and cringeworthy. I was also disappointed that the treasure wasn’t a metaphor for something however I do feel as though if it was it would’ve made the book worse and more cringe.

Personally, I wouldn’t recommend this book at all. I guess it’s quite a harsh review, but I do feel quite strongly about how bad I think this book is. It’s a book that draws out a lacklustre concept for far too long and builds up to a very underwhelming ending. Have a read if you want to waste your time.