Priya Parker

The Art of Gathering

Parker explores a number of ways in which we gather in all aspects of our lives and attempts to suggest improvements that would benefit gathering in general.

I think I found out about this through a podcast, I can’t remember which one, but it seemed interesting from what they mentioned about the book. I sort of think a lot about optimising gathering in social spaces or the arrangement of rooms in order to maximise potential for people. Therefore, I thought this book would shed some more evidence on the matter.

Parker’s first-hand experience in facilitating gatherings across many different fields was interesting to learn about and what her principles were for a good gathering. She also does a good job of breaking down what made certain gatherings good or bad and why she believes this to be so. I guess this sort of serves as her manifesto for how a good gathering should be. She says thatwe gather in order to ‘acknowledge, learn, challenge and change’ and gives good advice on how to cultivate these things across all sorts of domains.

I’d recommend this if you’re interested in social gatherings whether that be meetings, events or just seeing friends. Parker’s wealth of knowledge about being a ‘professional facilitator’ is definitely valuable and just interesting to learn about.