The Asymptotical World

Yves Tumor

I was incredibly excited when I first heard about this release. Heaven To A Tortured Mind was one of my favourite albums from last year and it still continues to get better each time I listen. The Asymptotical World is a six-track EP released midway through July on none other than Warp. It encompasses a lot of similar elements from previous work whilst continuing to push forward into new realms.

I feel like Yves Tumor’s work is quite unique in the sense that you can hear so many different influences across the record and they melt together simultaneously to create something that feels so familiar yet very foreign. It moves across so many genres seamlessly becoming sort of genreless in the process. On this record Tumor re-envisions early 2000’s rock into something more dreamlike and psychedelic. The themes resonate strongly with feelings of frustration, confusion, love and everything in between.

It feels raw and emotional and is definitely a record you should check out especially if you’re a fan of previous work.