The Best People Are Like Water

Concave Reflection

The Best People Are Like Water is the first cassette release from Theory Therapy. Concave Reflection is the alias of Tommy Paslaski, who is one-third of Purelink!

The record is really lush and alluring. The further you go the more it gently pulls you in and without realising it, you’re fully immersed. It becomes hypnotic as the music and your body merge in sync with your decompressing high. It glitters both inwards and outwards at a level that feels just right.

It slowly becomes more ethereal in a comforting way, though remains spacious. It almost feels like something unravelling itself, the motions are smooth and natural as if this was its only purpose. One by one, piece by piece. Nothing is irregular because it was all meant to be.

Stars are out and there is sea
enough beneath the glistening earth
to bear me toward the future
which is not so dark. I see.
    — Frank O’Hara —